Will Calypso sail a new?

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A news release from Rose City Software says the company has reached an agreement with MCSDallas, the original developer of Calypso, to continue development of this excellent shareware email client.

While we don't see how Calypso can be improved upon much, other than resolving some possible compatibility issues with Windows XP (we've never found any), we extend our heartiest best wishes and hopes for success to Rose City for their continued development of the program.

The Calypso dictionary files for different languages, which to our knowledge cannot be found elsewhere, are still available from here.

Calypso E-mail was discontinued on June 23, 2001. Unfortunately, this product no longer meets MCS' sales, marketing or revenue requirements. If you would like to continue to use Calypso or need to reinstall, you can download the last version (v3.30)...This is a full-featured, fully activated version that will not need to be registered after installing. Please note that MCS does not provide phone or email support for Calypso."

It doesn't need any support because it's bulletproof and it's still available for download from Tucows.com. It's the best email client on earth.

The Calypso Email Client supports unlimited POP3 and IMAP4 accounts for an unlimited number of users. Its features include a configurable

window layout, complete with dockable toolbars; a spelling checker; an automatic response option; offline mode; a local delete option that leaves the message on the server; and Web browser integration. MIME, BinHex, and UUencode attachments are supported.

Other features include a three-way view that shows folders and messages, a configurable main window layout, configurable and dockable toolbars, filters, LDAP directory search capabilities, an address book, mouse wheel support for Windows 9x, and more. Version 3 introduced HTML support, automatic address completion, new message searching, a filter distribution list, V-cards, message templates, the JunkYard antispam filter, a PGP plug-in, and multilanguage spell checking.

Version 3.30 updates include time and chaos integration, address groups, improved mail list management, message locking, improved filtering, automated sub-folders, filter exclusions and hands-free backup.