Revision: Rifle Norica Dragon Calculator


Revision: Rifle Norica Dragon Calculator

Today will comment the revision made to the newly acquired rifle by your server, the brand is NORICA the model is 5.5mm caliber DRAGON.

Norica carbine Model Dragon (There are 5.5mm and 4.5mm calibers)

This excellent carbine is perhaps the most "small" family of Norica talking about hunting, their quality is very high and has a huge performance, will detail step by step review for a general idea of ​​the rifle are met:

  • Measures and Features
  • The rifle has the following dimensions and general characteristics:
  • Barrel Length: 48.4cm
  • Total length of cylinder head to toe: 116cm
  • Available calibers: Can be purchased in one of two sizes that are 4.5mm (.177 ") and 5.5mm (.22")
  • Propulsive energy: 22.3 joules
  • Speed: 691fps
  • Mechanism: spring piston
  • Shooting capacity: 1 shot at a time
  • Recharge Mechanism: Break Cañon
  • Type of Insurance: Insured automatic load time.
  • Insurance Location: On guard
  • View: Open fiber optic tip with millimetric corrector and high handedness.
  • Rail: Rail conventional mount
  • Pieces
Rifle parts are made basically on two elements:

1. Canon and mecanismo.- The barrel is fluted metal in anima, the mechanism is of piston and spring break to recharge cannon (one shot at a time, manually recharging another break diabolo by cannon for next shot), which likewise are made entirely of metal, this includes the trigger recently in other brands are no longer being used in metal unfortunately, so this model will satisfy the pickiest in this regard as this if it comes pure metal, well Norica !.

2. Body and rifle culata.- The body is made of high impact polymer and being the butt of body extension latter also is crafted in such material, the polymer is better in many respects to wood issues that the rifle becomes more "all terrain / all weather" ie can be used in virtually any terrain, is muddy, dusty, etc. and in turn can be used in any weather is rainy, dry, snow, etc. However not all is happiness, since it is known that wood has the advantage of convenience and intrinsic luxury, plus most importantly: Weight ... To sum up, this means that the Norica by bringing body and butt polymer becomes very light, so that the shooters know pesos rifles that did not like them, remember that the weight of a rifle used to counteract the "Twang" effect (see article on weapons of spring and piston for know more about the "Twang") effect besides helping the proper balance of the weapon to aim, so to solve this should fill the head with some heavy material rearranging the center of gravity near the trigger guard (guardamontes is the ring that covers the finger and the trigger).


As I said, the rifle has mechanism spring and piston recharged by breaking cannon, which makes it one shot at a time (I used to my Hammerli 850 airmagnum of 8 shots with repetition by simulated recharge bolt, suffered much with this but you get used, it's worth the norica dragon), however, the sacrifice of manual reloading one by one has its reward in the power and versatility of shooting the rifle as it has 22.3 Joules which if you remember in previous articles on speed calculation function of joules (see article:

Given a heavy diabolo about 15.5 grains (about 1,004 grams) gives us a muzzle velocity cannon of 691 feet per second (209 m / s), this is pretty good for a weapon of this type, however as it is already known, guns spring and piston generate recoil, this decline is relatively strong in any such weapon and unbalances the shots, but let me tell you that the Norica Dragon has a "regular" retreat not as strong as taking into account the above values ​​(diabolo 15.5 grains and 22.3 joules of potecia) recoil is approximately 0.07 km / h (something like 0.0194 m / s) which allows you to control pretty good shot, to further improve this and reduce recoil incrementarle required weight as already mentioned in this article (increase 500 grams of weight in the butt, and to achieve better center of gravity can be reduced to 0.06km / h recoil).


The cost of this rifle is relatively low in Mexico (at least the current date April 9, 2009) is trading between $ 2.600 MXP and $ 2.900 MXP and the "plus" I will explain later, which represents 30% unless a CFX deer or some fallow deer of the same power, besides that fallow deer has become very commercial arms with little "craft" style, Norica is also a Spanish company as it is Gamo, however the tradition and quality Gamo Norica exceeds by a long way, suffice it to say that what made rifles Norica have a much greater impact resistance than Gamo.

In addition, being a spring piston rifle, you require not invest anything more than diabolos (and a cleaning kit as descrbire below), it is a very economical rifle that requires nothing more to operate.

Noise, Groups and precision

Noise is sometimes a disturbing for those who do not have a remote area of ​​the city to practice or do not have near club pneumatico shot and therefore we have to practice in our yard short distances of 10 to 20 meters, so in this section I mention that the rifle Norica Dragon is ideal for "Plinkear" at home since the resulting sound of the shot is about the same as when you drop something on a sheet of house (for those who at this point is keep asking which is "Plinkear", they clarified that it is a concept adopted by the shooters to symbolize the shot cans and inanimate things regularly metal, so the resulting sound "Plink" verb was done so that Plinkear represent the action and effect of shooting these objects by blowing a "Plink" to achieve the objective)

As for Agrupacion and Precision, this rifle carries a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 and that's a lot to say, because 15 meters is achieving groups of 7 mm approximately (tested with diabolo "pellets" super tip magnum 100% done in mexico, Mexican pride), this is more than enough to shoot with great precision crown caps 15 meters and believe me, shooting the screw-on cap should be a family sport, it is great to see these caps flying.

Plus or Extras in Norica rifles

Lately, the Norica brand has been going quite strong in the Mexican market, as already mentioned, Norica has higher quality than Gamo in artisanal making of their rifles, which represents the rifle Norica will have greater efectvidad, grouping and especially durability, however that's not all, the way sales of rifles like the Dragon model acquired and which made him a review this day, has extras or "plus" that have made me great admirer of Norica brand, and these rifles are being sold in "Kit", ie not only sell the rifle, if you sell: + Riflescope rifle 4X30 (30/30 reticle) to support special effect Twang + monura adjustable rail + Diabolos precision Norica, all for the cost mentioned (approximately $ 2.600 MXP and $ 2,900MXP), to look and he did review (can read it: this is applied to almost all models sold in Mexico (from the Dragon to Dream Hunter) indeed this marketing strategy is gaining traction quickly and believe me, it is worth.

Care recommendations for rifle

  1. First of all, read the instructions and see the comparisons contained herein:
  2. Buy a cleaning kit in caliber rifles for them, and clean your gun every 500 shots, not wait for the recommended shots since 1000 under this type of rifles are air blowout camera is dirty and transfers the dirt inside the barrel, trust me 500 shots cleaned his gun internally and take out the black escobetilla (kit RWS is excellent for this job, I recommend, costs about $ 600 MXP and brings everything, rod, broom, oils mechanism and barrel, ammunition felt cleaning and a package of 500 diabolos high quality RWS).
  3. NEVER WITHOUT DIABOLO shoot RIFLE, this recommendation is important, do not ever shoot neither this nor any other rifle rifle spring loaded without diabolo diabolo ago as the air resistance that builds up in the compression chamber and prevents the compressor of a violent coup against the end of the chamber, to fire the weapon without the diabolo this resistance is eliminated and the compressor strongly impacts the bottom of the camera (in fact is achieved hear the swat when this downloaded), this It reduces the life of the whole mechanism, from the spring to the compression chamber and that means we lasted less taste creanme shoot.
  4. If it becomes necessary to disarm the rifle haganlo with proper guidance, this can mean two things and it depends on which you selected: one is to do so with an expert and another to do so with an expert and also with the manual cutting Norica Dragon rifle that put them below to do things well and know where removed or where to put each piece: